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VR “Look At” Interaction

For the past few months, between some modelling and texturing, I amĀ using Oculus at my work to create a VR simulator that open a whole new world of good stuffs šŸ™‚
VR still is a new and “working in progress” technology, but the possibilities is huge!

So… I’m making some VR interactions for this simulator and going to share here some things.

Grabbing some things here and there, I’m workingĀ atĀ a look at interaction…Ā For now I’m having a relatively simple UIĀ material that will drive a interaction based on time.
This will be apply in a 3D widget and aĀ timer will driveĀ theĀ interaction, so the player just need to look a certain amount of timeĀ to the objects.
Have some help from Mitch’s VR Lab, witch has some really good VR stuff.

Here’s the material instance:

And the shader:


I’ll post the finish product as soon as possible šŸ™‚

Electric Panel

After a few hours another modelĀ is done. This time is an electric panel for the simulator.

Here’s theĀ side-by-side with SP and UE4.

ElectricPaneSPlĀ  Ā ElectricPanelUE4

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