Spline Chain system is a two-in-one system that produces chains and traffic cones to your project. With Spline Chain System, you can chose any mesh that you want or use one of the two provided to create a chain that follow a spline. With the Chain System you can chose the size, repetition and curve of the chain. Also you can choose if the chain has plastic material with parameter that controls the colors and the number, or if the chain is made of metal and choose the amount of rustiness. Alternatively, you can place traffic cones at each point of the spline to make special compositions. Also you can chose the two colors of the cones and if it is “reflexive”.

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Number of Blueprints: 4
Number of meshes: 2 chains and 2 cones
LOD: Each chain has 1 LOD
Number of Materials: 4 Materials and 5 Mat. Intances

Difficulty: Easy to use. Drag and drop to level and edit the spline.
Customizable: You can add your chain mesh to the system and adjust the values

Cons: The Cone System works better with linear splines